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Lost in a world full of age reservations Empty Lost in a world full of age reservations

Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:38 pm
The WordPress repository reportedly has 63,000 plug-ins. The repository is an area where WordPress collects and curates the plug-ins submitted by thousands of developers. All of the plug-ins in the WordPress repository are free. Many have an upgrade that enhances what they do for a fee. There are also many strictly paid-for plug-ins that aren't part of the repository.

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Some plug-ins are written more efficiently than others. So although all plug-ins affect the speed of your website, some are a bigger drag on web speed than others. It's important for you to keep the number of plug-ins you use low and monitor your website to see whether your speed takes a significant hit after the addition of a plug-in. (We cover monitoring later in this Article.)

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Some coders are more skillful than others, so we suggest that before you install a plug-in, look at the number of people who have installed it and read the feedback to see whether any have experienced significant problems. We suggest using only well-recognized plug-ins with a relatively large installed base. This suggests the plug-in has been well tested and has proved its value. We also suggest you only use plug-ins from a larger plug-in developer who offers a paid upgrade. This tells you that the plug-in developer has a continuing source of revenue and can afford the staff necessary to keep the plug-in constantly updated.

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Plug-ins often prove to be the route that hackers use to get into a site, and keeping the plug-ins updated to ward off the latest threat is a continuous battle. If you have the Wordfence plug-in installed (find out more later in this Article), you will receive emails whenever your plug-ins need to be updated -- usually because there is a new security threat. I usually get the Wordfence message several times a week and need to update the plug-ins accordingly.

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I'm pretty careful to update my plug-ins frequently, so I was surprised the one time one of my sites was hacked. The hosting company said it was hacked through an opening provided by a plug-in. The hosting company went on to say it was because I was running an out-of-date plug-in. I thought that couldn't be true since I was always updating my plug-ins. That's when I learned a lesson. Just because a plug-in doesn't have an update doesn't mean it doesn't need one. If you go into your plug-in menu and click on the details tab of each plug-in, you may find that some plug-ins you're using are no longer compatible with the current version of WordPress. Some haven't been updated in a year or more; some have been abandoned by their developers. So periodically go through your plug-in details and delete any plug-ins that aren't current. They present a security threat to your site.

This is an anti-spam plug-in. It checks the content and comments your users leave against a global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing inappropriate or malicious content. This is important so your site is not identified by Google as a source of spam. It requires an API key, which is free for personal sites; you need a paid version for business sites.

API stands for "application programming interface," which is a way for one program to talk to another. An alphanumeric key, authorizing one program to access another, is sent. A beginning affiliate marketer should choose a personal key, but as you earn income, you should switch to a business key.
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